Tuesday, January 26, 2010

He ignores you? Make him jealous!

Relationships during a certain routine print partners, so most of us have come to know very well what it means to be ignored by the partners.

Because habit men often forget that beautiful woman have her near, no longer appreciate and heads back in cold blood by other women on the street. If you known this situation, it's time to show your partner that are still valid. Make him jealous! Give you some ideas:

A new dress and sexy lingerie

Put aside clothes that you wear a few years now, quaint and obviously not very attractive and begin an offensive in stores. Just e season discounts! Do not have to buy tons of clothes and radically change your wardrobe, just a few pieces, strategic. A black dress, and a very sexy underwear to match. Remember the push-up bra!

You can still wear old clothes when you're with him, but for a shock effect, removing the ace from the sleeve at the appropriate time. Wear new acquisitions not for him, but a meeting with colleagues in high school or a meeting with an old friend, for example. You have swagger to him, but with totally different. Surprise! We discover how sexy and you will get downright worried around the world without him. I've already attracted the attention!

Dangerously high heels

Let us understand: not hazardous to your health or balance, but confidence of your man! Your feet will look incredibly sexy and long. Your easy running a pair of fine silk stockings and then complete the picture described above. It will be crazy for your mystery. You're like an undiscovered treasure!

Flirt and a secret admirer

The next time you dine at the restaurant, dressed sexy and continuous smile, innocent flirting with the waiter, being very friendly with everyone. The explanation? You simply well-ordered. Arrange with a friend sending you a message that is posing as a friend wants to meet with you. Show him your message and show you her love of the right gesture surprised friends, they consider stupid. You warned: there men interested in you.

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